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  • Custom Itineraries:  We are able to offer a network of the best lodges in the region

  • Unrivalled experience: Our Argentine guides are experts at fly fishing, hard-working and all speak English

  • Reliability & personal service: The team simply welcome you as they would close friends—that’s why so many of our guests return each year

  • Integrity & authenticity: Argentinian fly fishing pioneers of the Esquel region. Today, family members continue to be your hosts and guides, always happy to share their love of the Argentine outdoors

Our partners in Argentina, El Encuentro, offer some of the greatest fishing and quail shooting in Patagonia. They have access to private stretches of water that produce large Brook Trout, Brownies and Rainbows. With a team of experienced guides and hosts you will have a memorable time. 

From the early promise of November, through the heavy hatches of December and January, the warm summer days of February and March, and finally the fall rains and cool weather of April, there’s plenty of opportunity for all. 

Best of all? There are hardly any other anglers in this region. El Encuentro brings you the advantage of private access to a wide variety of fishing waters, great for the angler who enjoys stalking large fish, with the option to float in certain areas as well. The fishing in the Rio Pico area is excellent all season long.

Trout fishing at El Encuentro. 

The main lodge is located on the banks of the Rio Futaleufu, once the Rio Grande. You can site on the deck outside and watch the trout rising in the river with a back drop of the Adnes in the back ground. 

El Encuentro can comfortably accommodate up to eight guests. The lodge has four rooms in the main house (private bathrooms across the hall) and two rooms in an adjacent cottage (en suite bathrooms). It’s an ideal setting for a small group of friends who want to enjoy the lodge’s privacy and warmth. WiFi is available. 

Float trips down the river can start or end at the lodge, and anglers are also able to go out late in the day, right from the lodge, to enjoy the evening hatch. Additional river beats are easily accessed upstream or downstream from the lodge which makes no day the same! 

The expert guides provided by El Encuentro know all the various side channels and the location of deep pools that hold fish; they know where to encourage guests to wade fish and how to best reach large browns under hidden banks. The Rio Futaleufú is famous for large and aggressive rainbow and brown trout and fishes well all season.

Brook Camp - El Encuentro

The Camp is strategically set on a private estancia, right on the banks of the Rio Corcovado, about a 2 hour drive from El Encuentro into the heart of wilderness.  Staying at Brook Camp, you will have unparalleled access to remote and excellent fishing areas in this region, while being more than comfortable and well-fed when back at camp.

The Camp can take up to eight anglers, housed in four double-occupancy Safari-style wall tents imported from South Africa with two separate bath facilities set just behind the tents. Each has a sink and shower with very hot water, and a flush toilet. The small building is kept toasty warm with a wood stove, trust me a lovely way to start and end the day!

The Fishing is as spectacular as the setting. From the camp, you have the relatively convenient access to all waters in the area including the the Rio Corcovo, the Engaño system and rivers to the south of the Rio Pico and the majority of the lakes, small streams, spring creeks and rivers in between. 

The Engaño system holds the most pristine populations of brook trout in Patagonia. Combining the waters of the Engaño and the Rio Corcovado system, you can expect to encounter strong populations of Brook trout, with an average weight of about 3lbs, and the possibility of hooking a 10+ lb trophy Brookie. These waters also hold resident and migratory populations of rainbows, which are a thrill to catch and are not be overlooked

The Rio Pico area is known for its spring creeks and small lakes that hold large trout. There are also several smaller freestone rivers like the Rio Pico, Rio Pampa and Rio Nilson that offer fun walk wade fishing.