cocking shoot

Cocking Shoot fact file

  • Quarry: Partridge & Pheasant

  • Bag size: 250+

  • Cartridges: 30g 6s - 34g 5s



Cocking Shoot is one of the most highly regarded pheasant shoots anywhere in England. The South Downs may not have the ruggedness of Exmoor but the shooting is pretty darned good: the shoot is just south of Midhurst, is bang in the middle of the National Park and the ground is quite spectacular.

Shooting over 3,500 acres, the southern part of the Cowdray Estate, the team can put on 18 drives. They host shoots twice a week and it works: half are let days and the rest are private. 

The shoot has many famous drives, but here are three of our favourites:

The Chalk Pit: a disused chalk quarry cut into the north facing escarpment to the east of the Cocking Gap. The birds launch themselves over two tiers of Guns standing on the different levels (benches) in the quarry.

Bepton: Guns are positioned on a steep ride running up the escarpment in a shallow combe between two extensive areas of woodland. Very high birds that will test the pickiest guns best.

The Bumps: An area of undulating mounds on the steep escarpment face of the Downs above a steep sided combe. Driven over Guns on different levels, shot birds plummet 250ft through trees in the combe below.