The Dove shooting in Argentina is the most thrilling shooting experiences you'll have in your shooting lifetime. Between the volume of shooting, the challenge of the targets, the scenery, and camaraderie, you won't forget the trip.

We work with a couple of lodges that ensure you will have a great stay and level the shooting as well as the fantastic Argentine wine and food on offer. The main hunting area is found northeast of Cordoba city, in agricultural farmland that grows corn, sunflower, wheat, sorghum, and soy beans — along with plenty of water — which is why the doves love it here.

Cordoba and Salta provinces are home to the best dove shooting in the world. The quarry is the eared dove, which flies virtually continuously throughout the day, enabling guns to shoot from dawn until dusk, to their hearts' content. Dove hunting goes on year around, but the best times are February through August (Argentina’s fall and winter), when birds fly between the feeding fields and the roosting area, which makes for superb shooting. From April to July, morning hunts take place in the grain fields, while the afternoon hunts take place in fields close to the roosting areas.  But there is no season for the Doves so they can be shot all year round.