Fishing lessons

Our fishing lessons are a great way to learn the ins and outs of fly fishing. These are practical sessions for you to spend with instructor who will take you through all aspects of trout fishing, including: fly casting, stillwater fly tackle selection, tackling up, fishing knots, fly fishing techniques, basic entomology and how to play a trout once you have hooked it. We will ensure that you start your fishing career with as many of the right habits - and as few of the wrong habits - as possible. 

You will be in the very best hands whether you are a complete novice, want to learn to cast a salmon rod, catch your first trout or simply brush up your skills before your next trip.

Our lessons consist of:

Kit - Learning about all the equipment needed, from rod to reel to line & fly and how to put together a balanced fly rod outfit.

Casting lessons - Perfecting the fly cast and understanding the dynamics of the fly rod.

Fly selection - Matching the hatch and learning about popular flies and how to fish them.

Water craft - Reading the water

Landing the fish


Prices start at £75 plus VAT per hour. Lessons run for a minimum of 2 hours for a maximum of 2 rods.


Lessons can be from 2 hours or up to a full day & take place on either the river or on the still waters around Stockbridge.