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Sporting Game Services - based in Hampshire - manages number of estates.

This includes the Steventon Estate: a secluded shoot that is well known for providing fantastic sport over 2,000 acres.

The estate is where Jane Austen lived and wrote Sense and Sensibility. But while teams have been shooting traditional Hampshire partridge and sporting pheasants on the estate for hundreds of years, the shoot has gained a reputation for producing particularly high quality days in the last decade.

To book a day's shooting at Steventon get in touch here.


Sporting Game has been involved in supplying eggs, chicks pheasants and partridges poults to the UK market since the 1990s. What makes our approach different is our commitment to the highest standards and our commitment to our clients. 


Our operation is based on a closed flock of both pheasant and partridge layers. We use our own eggs in our hatcheries, but also that we provide eggs to the market. 

Great eggs
— Josh, Wales


Our purpose built hatchery provides quality chicks to game farms & shoots throughout the UK. Our output (in conjunction with our sister hatchery LGS) is in the region of 60,000 chicks per week. We are proud of the quality of these chicks: our clients report very low levels of mortality, and purchase our chicks year on year. 

When things go wrong Sporting Game & the team will always help.
— Charles, Oxfordshire



We also supply chicks to our rearing fields located in north-Hampshire.  All our poults are grass reared and well hardened prior to delivery. Being close to the major road networks means we can deliver quality poults across the whole of southern England without undue stress to the birds.  

Run by two life-long game keepers we understand the importance of producing birds that are not only healthy, but that have the desired characteristics to suit your specific shoot requirements. In fact, we are happy to set to order to provide chicks/poults of the specific strain as required for your shoot.

Poults that are in great condition
— Hugo, Hampshire
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Keith Gorsuch is the founder and CEO of Longparish Rural Enterprises.

Keith is well known for running impeccable shoot days and rearing high quality partridge and pheasants that are sent to the best shoots up and down the country.