pigeon days

Glorious Game carry out reconnaissance before you are going shooting, by the time you arrive we will have seen pigeons so we are ahead of the game. We will run pigeon shooting from February to July each year.

Full guided day: On a full day all you need is your gun and shells. We provide all the equipment, including a hide with camouflage netting and a seat. A rotary machine with decoys of various types and ground decoys will be set out in a pattern for you. We will advise you how to get the best out of your day’s sport with plenty of helpful tips. Once you are set up in the hide, we drive around the neighbouring farmland to push the birds over to you and your decoys .

Cost: £200 per person

DIY: A DIY day means you bring all your own pigeon-decoying gear. We will take you to the fields, point out the flightlines and local features, but it is up to you to set up your hide and decoys. We will check up on you after an hour to make sure you are happy.

Cost: £100 per person