This is a unique chance to shoot walked up Califorian Quail in the morning then fish in the afternoon. The local population of wild California quail which have been introduced to the Chubut Province of Argentina has coveys numbering 100 plus birds, and access to over 140,000 acres there will be topography and terrain to suit everyone.

The topography varies but usually involves walking in bushy, foothill-type terrain studded with thorny bushes and sparse grass, as well as valley floors with good cover. Californian quail are usually found in large covey groups and do a lot of running when first encountered. As these birds typically don’t hold for a point when a large running covey is found, we usually break up the covey on the first flush and hunt for pointed birds on the singles and doubles dispersed around the countryside. We hunt behind well-trained Deutsch Drahthaar pointers, which have proven to be an excellent breed for hunting California quail in this type of cover.

The excitement of seeing the pointer doing its work just adds to the whole experience of being out in the amazing landscape.

All the necessary safety equipment like ear plugs, orange hats and vests are all provided.

For those guests’ wishing to fish and and go out for the quail, we would recommend at least a week-long program. The quail season opens on April 1, we believe the season is better later in the year, so we would recommend you planning your trip during the month of April. Or, if you'd like to combine quail with pigeons and doves, May is the ideal month for that experience.