Salmon Fishing

Scotland is famous as one of the very finest salmon fishing countries in the world and where the sport of fly fishing for these magnificent fishing was mastered. The country has about 400 salmon rivers throughout the whole of Scotland, including famous rivers such as the Tay, Dee, Spey & Tweed to name a few.

The Latin name for salmon "salmo" comes from the term, to leap, this gives you and idea of what the fish tend to do when they have been hooked They are famous for putting up a good battle to land them, and are known to be, pound for pound, the best fighting fish you will find in fresh water. Salmon fishing can be enjoyed by all ages and is the perfect family holiday to Scotland.

The season varies from river to river depending on when the Salmon will 'run', but most tend to start fishing in February all the way through to mid October.

Glorious Game can provide a bespoke itinerary for all you Salmon fishing needs. We can tailor the trip if you wanted to shoot Grouse and stalk Red Deer during your stay.