The Hampshire McNab

The modern Mcnab Challenge, bagging a Salmon, Stag and brace of Grouse between dawn and dusk on a single day, is derived from John Buchan’s 1925 novel. 

The book describes how the three protagonists in the book are looking for something invigorating. As even the pleasure of shooting has palled, the three plan something “devilish difficult, devilish unpleasant, and calculated to make a man long for a dull life”.


One down

We decided to show that Sassenach sport was every bit as challenging as its Scottish varient. And agreed that we would have fun doing it.  

Step forward Roy Lupton. (And Keith Gorsuch who would co-ordinate the stalking and shooting & Rollo Grandy who would guide on the riverbank.)

The Fieldsports channel feature the high drama, joy, stress and relief that we all felt that day here.

And if you fancy having a go yourself, get in touch.


Nearly there?

Gavin Lockhart-Mirams