What shall I do now

Right. The game shooting season is over and the fishing season doesn't begin for a couple of months.

You are not sure you can go to South America to shoot doves. After all, it is a long way away and expensive. You may have a couple of friends lucky enough to shoot partridge in Spain who are "helpfully" sending you pictures whilst you work.

Don't fret - join the pigeon shooting movement. Nothing will improve your shooting more (apart from a lesson or two with our instructors).

Pigeons are out feeding on rape at this time of year. Farmers need crack shots to help protect their crops. And you might be just the person to step in.

Give us a call to find out more; we spend time driving round 1000s of acres to find out where the pigeons are so you don't have to.

And if that doesn't suit, you might think about going on a simulated clay day. We shot 1500 cartridges per gun on our last simulated day last season, so you'll get plenty of practice.


Gavin Lockhart-Mirams