Bigger is not always better - 2018 @ GGSC

Ilkley Moor is in the headlines this week, but the big debate in 2018 will be between those who respect our quarry and ensures it ends up on the table, and those who promote industrial bag sizes even when the end market for the game is faltering.

We are in the former camp. We believe that there is more to shooting than just shooting. Put simply, the quality of a day is not defined by the size of the bag at the end of it.

Other agents, such as Charlie Brownlow, have led the way. We are delighted to follow their lead.

From the 2018/19 season we will continue to offer superb sport, from walked up days to driven days of around 200 birds. Where we offer bigger bags, we will have ensured personally that the game is entering the food chain.

We will run these days on the best estates in the South as normal. 

We will continue to ensure that the game we shoot goes from field to fork. 

We will protect (jealously) the warmth that pervades our days, the buzz on our gun-buses, or the care we take to look after each and every guest.

For those wanting to get through a slab or two of cartridges in a day, we can (and do) put on simulated driven days that provide arm-aching, challenging shooting. We love running these days - they test the best guns and get the adrenaline pumping.

In other words, whatever you are looking for in 2018 - be that the best sport England has to offer, driven days where you can be confident that the game you shoot will end up on the table, or simulated days where you might shoot 300 cartridges - we look forward to looking after you.

Gavin Lockhart-Mirams