Why you should take your team fly fishing for your next corporate event.

With the current cold snap keeping me indoors, I have been spending lots of time behind my fly tying vice. We've also been talking to clients who are planning something new for their teams this summer.

It turns out most have endured many a painful and cringe-worthy “team building” workshop. If this has ever been you all is not lost, perhaps your next team building exercise will be on a tranquil river bank with great company and delicious food. In fact there are four reasons that you should catch fish at your next corporate event:

Fly fishing is good for the soul. 

Numerous studies have suggested fly fishing to foster many components of physical and mental wellbeing. Simply from being out on the water, you get the benefits of being outside in beautiful environments, breathing fresh air and - in many cases - enjoying time with friends and colleagues, speak for themselves. 

Fly Fishing can reduce stress from the workplace.

There is a reason that many people with high stress and high-pressure roles go fly fishing on a regular basis, for many this reason is due to the total focus that fly fishing requires and the mental momentum it generates which allows you to enter into a flow state in which all of your stress and troubles disperse. You are left feeling at one with nature, one-pointed and present.

Fly Fishing can leave you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

If, and when, you do catch a fish the rush of adrenaline and endorphins will leave you feeling on top of the world. In fact, just the memory of a moment like this can leave you smiling for days. Naturally, you can never guarantee that at the end of the day everyone in the group will of caught a fish, but we can assure you that they will have had a great day none the less.

Fly Fishing can be a great team building exercise.

Some sports are easier than others, unfortunately, fly fishing is not one of these. It takes patience and focus to master, however, with a good teacher (our guides are some of the best) you will be having a great time within a couple of hours. We have found that one of the best things about our corporate and team building days is that those individuals who do pick it up faster than others will always help those who are struggling, in fact, we actively encourage it. Fly fishing is a great leveller, it is always good for the team to see the boss getting his fly caught in a tree whilst the intern lands a giant fish.

Taking all the above into account I am confident that after a day with the Glorious Game team, even Carrel and his long suffering victims would find that, for once, they had managed to retain their sense of humour.

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Oscar Boatfield