Grouse Shooting

The Red Grouse is found throughout the north of England and Scotland and is said to be the most challenging of all game birds to shoot throughout the world. With the grouse flying at speeds up to and beyond 70mph, coming in at head height while standing inside a butt it is by far one of the most exciting field sporting you can do. Grouse shooting is will challenge the very best shots in the world and many of them struggle to keep up with them!

There are two different ways to participate in Grouse shooting, either driven shooting which is often referred to as the “Sport of Kings”, as it is one of the most exclusive forms of wing shooting in the world, and walked-up shooting famous for earning that supper after a hard day walking miles across the moor in search of the Grouse.

The Red Grouse is a wild bird and cannot be reared making the management of the moors, where they are found crucial to keeping a healthy population. The numbers to fluctuate from year to year depending on weather conditions and management styles. The Grouse shooting season runs from the 12th August, often known as “The Glorious Twelfth”, to the 10th December each year, this does depend on the numbers throughout the season.

Glorious Game have access to some of the most exclusive moors found in England and Scotland. We can organise the whole day from getting you and the team to the moor, accommodation to advising you and your team on the correct safety kit and etiquette needed when out Grouse shooting.