Manydown fact file

  • Quarry: Partridge & Pheasant

  • Bag size: 75+

  • Cartridges: 28g 6s - 32g 5s

  • 4x4 needed

  • Lunch not included


The days at Manydown - between Basingstoke and Newbury - are relaxed days set in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. 

The keeper, Kevin Rolls, should know a thing or two about putting on good days after 41 years running shoots. (He is also pretty useful with a fly rod as Captain of the Dorset Fly Fishing team for 11 years and in 1986/87 represented England and is a qualified fly fishing instructor.)

Manydown is run over 2,400 acres with 10 syndicate days and three or four let days that are snapped up by teams looking for good value days close to the capital.