Deer Stalking Terms & Conditions: 2019

1. Deer Stalking will take place on dates previously agreed and will be under the direction of Glorious Game Sporting Company (GGSC)’s managers/employee’s. Their decision is final.

2. Each guest will be required to shoot their rifle at a target in order to zero the rifle and demonstrate competence and accuracy. The Stalker has the right to refuse to take any guest on an outing should they fail to demonstrate their competency. 

3. You will be responsible for ensuring each gun has public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5 million. This is usually arranged through a standard membership of the Countryside Alliance or BASC. 

4. An estate rifle may be made available by prior arrangement. If you are shooting your own rifle it must comply with minimum legal requirements.

5. You must accept that you will not be permitted to shoot deer unless we are satisfied that you are competent and fit to do so. We reserve the right to send you home without refund if safety is infringed or inhumane shots are attempted.

6. High seats are maintained to a high standard but guests must accept that they use them at their own risk.

7. Any resulting venison remains the property of GGSC unless otherwise agreed. 

8. During a stalk outing or on one of our training courses, you may be loaned/hired equipment to use such as stalking sticks, binoculars or knives. There is a fee of £100 +VAT per day for stalking equipment including hire and binocular hire.

9. Ammunition can also be purchased separately subject to calibre, availability and any restrictions on your firearms certificate. 

10. Whilst the equipment is in the possession of the client during the loan period, the client accepts all risks for personal injury, public liability, personal liability and / or damage to property related to the use of the loaned equipment. In the event that any item of loaned equipment is damaged, the cost of repair or replacement will be charged to the client.

11. If an animal is deemed to be wounded or potentially missed all stalking will stop until all possible attempts have been made to locate the animal. In circumstances where the animal is not found and the shot is deemed to be a clean miss, the miss will incur the trophy fees for a representative animal plus the venison cost at the discretion of the stalking guide. If the animal is deemed to have been wounded, 100% of the applicable success charges or estimated trophy fees and venison will be payable by the client.

12. It is a requirement of your booking that you inform us of any physical ailment which may affect you during the course of the hunt.

13. Fees & Charges

(i) Introductory session 

An introductory session is £350 + VAT. This session is based on approximately two hours on the range, plus ammunition, plus a ‘mock’ stalk. Equipment hire and 20 rounds are included in the base price. If a shot is taken at an animal or an animal is culled there is an additional fee of £125 + VAT. 

(ii) Standard outing

The cost of a morning or evening outing depending on requirements, is currently £250 + VAT. This excludes gun/equipment hire, cull or trophy fees.

14. Cull / Trophy fees 

MUNTJAC Stalking

Cull animal:  £125 + VAT

Representative Buck: £200 + VAT

CIC Assessed Trophy

Bronze:  £300 + VAT

Silver:    £450 + VAT

Gold:      £600 + VAT

Platinum: £850 + VAT

ROE Stalking

Cull animal:  £125 + VAT

Representative Buck:  £285 + VAT

CIC Assessed Trophy

Bronze:  £450 + VAT

Silver:    £600 + VAT

Gold:     £800 + VAT

FALLOW Stalking (non park herds)

Cull animal:  £150 + VAT

Representative Buck:  £285+ VAT

CIC Assessed Trophy

Bronze:  £600 + VAT

Silver:    £800 + VAT

Gold:     £1150 + VAT

15.  Official CIC Measuring fee

If trophies are CIC Assessed, the measuring fee is £55 + VAT per trophy, this excludes any trophy preparation or taxidermy fees.

16. Cancellations & Bad Weather

(i) 100% of the outing fee is due upon booking an outing, stalk session or firearms training. 

(ii) Cancellations of less than one week (7 days) will incur 100% of the total outing fees.

(iii) Gift vouchers for stalking and courses are non refundable. 

17. By accepting stalking or by attending a stalking outing you are deemed to have agreed to and have complied with these terms & conditions.