nutley manor 

Nutley was one of six manors at Preston Candover at the time of Domesday, although the present house was built in 1814. The 900-acre estate is situated in grand rolling Hampshire countryside where immaculate villages nestle between vast estates. The shoot is in the Candover Valley, south of Basingstoke, about 65 miles from central London. 

The estate offers days of 250 to 300 birds with a 60/40 split of Partridge and Pheasant shooting for a team of up to 9 guns. Shooting lunches are held in a delightful cricket pavilion.

Nutley Manor fact file

  • Quarry: Partridge & Pheasant

  • Bag size: 250+

  • Expected ratio: 3/1

  • Cartridges: 30g 6s - 34g 5s

  • Gun bus provided