We are delighted to work closely with the Rigby Rifle Range at the West London Shooting School. Our shooting school partners have built a state-of-the-art range that offers a five-lane 100m, together with an adjacent two-lane 200m range. They are the first of its kind in the London area. The range is rated for African big game calibres, so whether you are a novice, preparing for a weekend in the country, or hunting big game, we will get you on target.

The running boar on our new 100m range, provides a realistic and efficient way to practice shooting driven game with a rifle. The boar target can travel both from left to right and right to left over a 20m window of shooting.

All ranges have covered shooting huts with the option to shoot from seated, sticks or prone under the guidance of our experienced instructors. There are two main options to use our range, the first is a zeroing session. This is usually used to set up rifles or to test new ammunition or simply to check your zero prior to a stalking or hunting trip. The second is to have a lesson with one of the West London instructors. This can be used to try new shooting positions, or to aid with technique and rifle setup before arriving in the field.