the grange 

The Grange Estate is located in the Candover and Upper Itchen valleys, east of Winchester. Days are run over three thousand acres with a warm uncommercial feel, perfect for groups of friends looking for good days in the field. 

We shot over historic parkland, water-meadows and rolling chalk downland. The shoot produces good birds from traditional woodland drives and partridge over high hedges and chalk valleys, as well as testing hanger drives.

The ground has a fascinating sporting pedigree: the Grange was the home of the 5th Lord Ashburton who was a noted Edwardian shot and contemporary of Lords Ripon and Walsingham. (The Grange is also the principal venue for The Grange Festival.)

Lunch is put on at Mark Baring’s home and is a relaxed affair with high quality grub.

The Grange fact file

  • Quarry: Partridge & Pheasant

  • Bag size: 200+

  • Cartridges: 28g 6s - 32g 5s

  • Gun bus provided