Lying just south of the picturesque little book town of Hay-on-Wye, this shoot takes full advantage of the dramatic change in scenery between it and the town.

The ground is steep ground with some rolling grassy hills, ancient woodland, cover crops and bracken banks. But the photographs hardly do the shoot justice. 

The shoot was listed listed in the Top 25 Shoots in the UK a few years ago, offering fantastic high and fast partridges or pheasants towering high above ancient trees in open parkland throughout the season. 

Standing in the steep valley on 'Darren' -  ‘rocky outcrop’ in Welsh -  with guns pegged along a stream with the black mountains above raises any gun's heartbeat. But this is just one of the fast and furious drives here; shoot teams really have to be on top form.

The day will start off with coffee being served at the chalet style shoot lodge. Guns are normally on the peg for the first drive by 9.30 am and typically shoot four drives in and then have lunch but we will break for lunch if teams prefer to do so.

We know that not all shoot teams are based in mid Wales so can organise accommodation in the local area, from pubs to four star hotels.

Tregoyd fact file 

  • Quarry: Partridge & Pheasant

  • Bag size: 250+

  • Cartridges: 32g 5s - 36g 4s

  • 4x4 needed